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Building a secure financial future for you and your family

Let us help you achieve your financial goals and provide you with peace of mind for a brighter future.


How we can help

We assess multiple options, strategies, and opportunities to create a customised plan that suits your unique needs.

Strategic Financial Planning

Strategic financial planning is a long-term approach to managing finances that involves setting goals, analyzing financial resources, and developing strategies to achieve those goals over time.

Personal Insurance & Strategy

Personal insurance products are perceived as complicated and expensive. At Orion Financial Planning we don’t like our clients to pay for things they won’t need.

Superannuation Advice

Super is a long-term investment, but it shouldn’t be treated as simply as that. At Orion, we’ll start with a comprehensive study of your existing super fund. We then do all the required research, assess your investment goals, and devise strategies to accomplish them.

Investment Advice

An investment portfolio contributes income and growth to your personal wealth.

Estate planning

Our financial planners work with estate planning lawyers to create an effective estate plan that maximises benefits, minimises tax liabilities, and reflects clients' wishes.

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Experience the empowerment of financial well-being

Experience the  empowerment of  financial well-being

And achieve the retirement of your dreams

And achieve the retirement of your dreams

We will get you on the right path